19 Pin Break Out Cable

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Cable: H07RN-F 3x1.5mmsq or 2.5mmsq

Connector: 19pin (input) / Schuko 13A (output)

BK3/1.5-1.2 H07RN-F 3 x 1.5mmsq & H07RN-F 3 x 2.5mmsq 1.2M with 19pin Soca connector (input) Output: Stage Pin 20A
BK3/1.5-1.2-CEE Output: CEE 16A
BK3/1.5-1.2-SCHUKO Output: Schuko 13A
BK3/1.5-1.2-PL Output: Powerlead 20A
BK3/1.5-1.2-PLT1 Outout: Powerlead T1 20A

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Break-out or break-in cable set is assembled with superior H07RN-F cable. Made of special cross-inked elastomer for excellent insulation. Great suppleness offering better resistance to inclement environmental condition to oils and greases, as well as adverse chemicals and thermal effects. In accordance with RoHS and IEC/EN 60332-1-2 standard. Ideal for installation on equipment in continual and interrupted operation under aggressive condition such as construction site vehicles, generator, pumps and other most extreme and severe usage industry applications. Break-in(fan-in)is also available upon request.

1. Working Voltage: 450 / 750V
2. Working Temperature: -30°C / +60°C (max. conductor temperature in service +85°C)

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