Rack Type Chain Hoist Controller (Direct Voltage Control)
This rack mount model is designed to accommodate for heavier rigging system. Its function is mostly the same as the briefcase type. The major difference is that rack mount type can be installed into standard 19” rack, like a portable dimmer rack system. It is available with 4-channel, 8-channel and the 12-channel. They are all linkable for larger scale of operation.
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Output: 2 x Soca 19-pin/ Height: 4U



1. Each controller is supplied with a 2M cable with 5pin CEE form 32A male connector.

2. Handle grips for easy & convenience installation.

3. Each unit comes with footpad for desktop operation.

4. Linkable with 3pin XLR for master/slave function.

5. Output for 4-channel is 4pin CEE form 16A female socket; 8-channel and 12-channel comes with Soca 19pin female socket.

6. Universal 3-phase power input – AC/220V, 380V, 400V and 440V for maximum flexibility.

7. Multiple LED indicators provides the clear information of the working status.

8. Overload and circuit leakage breaker (applied for 8CH and 12CH) keeps user from working hazard.


DC Chain Hoist Controller
Phase check for clear identification of respective incoming phases. Only when the phase sequence is correct does the equipment start to work. hase missing displays on a red LED indicator and the quipment won't be functioning. Lockable E-Stop button and phase reverse switch as standard feature.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Overall system protection and control circuit breaker ensure the working stability.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Built up with 3-PIN XLR in/out connector as linkable ports for multiple system.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Individual up/down rotary switch per motor for handy operation.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Wiring information clearly disclosed on the front panel (for 8-CH controller) in favor of the user making the corresponding cable assembly for chain hoist controlling system.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Phase reverse switch helps to convert the phase into correct sequence.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Switching power supply for multiple input covering AC 220V, 380V, 400V and 440V for maximum flexibility.
DC Chain Hoist Controller
Industry standard connectors: power input 32A 5P CEE receptacle; output 16A 4P CEE (4-CH) or 2 x 19-PIN connectors (8-CH).Four or eight channels of direct control using reversingcontactors built on the rear side of the panel.

Rigpro offers a range of sophisticated controllers for direct control chain hoist, incorporating unique design for universal power input, sequence and phase monitoring, “go” link for synchronizing multi units and quick phase correction. All these outstanding features are crafted to cater to the needs in entertainment rigging., or e-mail us by writing to

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