Conventional Par 38

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Par 38 lanterns are manufactured by using the E27 base wired with SJ 18AWG/3C one meter cable with Edison plug for mains voltage lamps up to 150 watts. It meets UL and cUL requirement.


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KUPO Par Can

1. Spring Loaded 4th Gel Clip / 2. Supplied with Oct. or Sq. Color Frame / 3. Gel Clip 1.8 mm Thick / 4. Rolled Lip on Focus Hole / 5. Aircraft Grade Rivets / 6. PG11 Strain Relief with UL, CSA, VDE Approval / 7. Innovative Yoke Locking Device / 8. Yoke Smooth Surface 32 mm Wide / 9. Barrel 1.5 mm Thic

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