DMX Lighting Bar

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PB-606VSS-P2 Polish Schuko Outlet 6-Way Lighting Bar

each with 20A power in/out connectors
versatile socket
Schuko or CEE outlet
each outlet with 5-pin XLR DMX out

PB-606VSS-B2 Black
PB-606VSC-P2 Polish with CEE Outlet
PB-606VSC-B2 Black
PB-604VSS-P Polish with Schuko Outlet 4-Way Lighting Bar
PB-604VSS-B Black
PB-604VSC-P  Polish with CEE Outlet
PB-604VSC-B Black

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The VS Lighting Bar is launched with the high quality that Kupo Par Bar has been known for, featuring new construction of the bar with versatile socket. With the classic 3.25mm(T) x 51mm(dia.) aluminum alloy tube in selective length together with ABS-injected versatile socket for seating the power panel, VS Lighting Bar is going to fulfill both conventional and uprising mainstream LED fixtures in entertainment field. VS Lighting Bar has diverse models. The DMX model is wired with 20A power connector for main input and output, as well as 5-pin XLR for DMX in and thru connection. It is available in 4-outlet and 6-outlet, and each outlet comes one VS socket with Schuko female and DMX female for power and data connection for every single fixture. The DMX model is catering to the demand of LED fixtures. The conventional model is wired with 19-pin panel male for dimmer control, and Schuko or CEE is mounted on versatile socket in this range. Special configuration is available upon request.
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