Kupo Shot Bags are made of 1000 denier black cordex textured Nylon  with a water resistant polyurethane coating on the inside. 2mm steel ball are encapsulated in poly inner bag and sealed up with the bag  which makes it dense weight and never leak. Two wings design allows  to drape perfectly over light stand legs.

Weight: 6.8KG (15LBS)

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Shot Bag Features
Two wings allow to drape over light stand legs.
Shot Bag Features
Loading weight is on the blue label for easy identification.
Shot Bag Features
On the lightweight aluminum stand.

KUPO WRAP & GO SHOT BAG The new solid construction shot bag with non-slip strap design allows to weight down light stands by just wrapping around the stand base. The premium shot bag made of 1000 denier black textured Nylon also offers a variety of use included offset a boom arm, wrap around tripod or light stand bases, or hang midway on a stand handle to offset the weight of something. The 2mm steel balls are pre-filled and sealed up with the bag which makes it dense weight and never leak. The compact size design also makes the shot bag easy to carry, pack and does the job perfect.

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