Power Station

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Input Voltage 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz (0.8A/115VAC, 0.56A/230VAC
Output Voltage Max. DC/27V, 1.7A
Measurement 106 x 269 x 45 mm
Weight 0.86 kgs
1. Outlet for circuit A
2. On/Off switch for circuit A+B
3. Outlet for circuit B
4. On/Off switch for main input
5. Main power indicator
6. Main power inlet
7. Fuse socket

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Goreal intercom system, including headset, belt pack and power station, is designed to fulfill the requirement for entertainment. It is a system featuring portable, compact, plug-n-play with no complicated settings. This system is ideal for the live event while the local communication is required, and making the communication clear, authentic and real-time.
Power Station
The housing of power station is made of robust aluminum alloy extrusion. No worry for the AC power as it takes universal input (90-240V). Two circuits for respective maneuver, or looping them all in one group for real-time communication for maximum 20 units of belt pack (GR-PS01). It comes with 3pin socket connectors for interconnection.
Goreal, the wired intercom system, is made to carter the need for live event production. This intercom system offers premium broadcast quality audio transmission, rendering accurate and liner sound reproduction for professional applications including radio, TV studio, theatre and churches. Goreal intercom power stations are fabricated with compact yet sturdy aluminum alloy chassis.
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