BGV D8 500kg

- Gravity die-casted aluminum, matt-black non reflective finish chassis for rigid, light-weighted, durable and low visibility.

- Epoxy black powder coated chassis is featuring corrosionresistance, and with fine gasket and mechanical design, the complete unit turns to be IP54 rated.

- Enhanced Nylon chain leading plate ensures the chain links properly fit into the lift wheel, and eliminates the possibility of jamming, as well as protects the lift wheel from wet and dirt.

- Heavy-duty DC brake automatically gets engaged in the event of power failure, requiring very little maintenance and only minor periodic adjustments.

- Hook is made of drop-forged high tensile steel with heat treatment, allowing 360 degree swiveling, and equipped with safety latch to ensure proper rigging the load.

- Equipped with duty cycle ED 40% high efficiency, lightweight and robust motor, running the chain hoist quietly and steady.

- Operates on three phase voltage of 400V/50Hz, and LVC is 110V as standard. Other voltage for DC and LVC version is available upon request.

- Conforms to FEM 2m / ISO M5 classification, covering a wide range of applications.

- Average operational noise is within 75dB, quietly working
and less noisy.
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- DC Motor Brake: With two-side single disk brake, electro-magnetic brake actuates synchronously in the event of power failure to ensure the operation safety while loading.
- Overload Slipping Clutch: Protects the hoist from damage of overload, and ensures the life-span of chain hoist.
- Over-Heat Protection: With built-in heat detector, when motor’s inside working temperature reaches 140( ± 5) Celsius degree, the protection mechanism will trigger,and not allow lifting the load. Instead, it permits coming down to release the load.
- Gear Limit Switch (only applied for LVC version): Upper and lower limit switches are fitted to switch off the power simultaneously in the case of over lifting or lowering position.
- Phase Protection (only applied for LVC version): Built with phase error relay, in case of any phase missing or incorrect, the machine will not be in active, ensuring the safety and durability to all components.
Capacity (kg)
Speed (m/mim)
Fall No.
Load Chain (Dia x Picth)
(kw x pole)
Weight of hoist
500 RH-500 Series 4.0 / 4.8 1 Ø 6.3 x 19.1 0.40 x 4 42


Dimension: (mm)
Model A B C D F H I J M
RH-500 Series 600 156 23 247 221 33 185 105 30


BGV D8 Chain Hoist Chain Guide
Made of robust material, enhanced Nylon, and comply with housing design to make sure the load chain operating smoothly. RH-1000 / RH-500
BGV D8 Chain Hoist Hook
Upper hooks apply material SF45C to cast which allow swiveled 360 and are equipped with safety latch to enhance the loading safety.
Lower hooks apply material SF45C to cast which allow swiveled 360 and are equipped with safety latch to enhance the loading safety. Connection plate is bend and formed by high strength steel for excellent safety.
BGV D8 Chain Hoist Mechanical Overload Device
While generated torque is over the friction torque, the overload mechanism will trigger, in which motor keeps running but slipping clutch hold back the hoist from further lifting for the sake of safety.
BGV D8 Chain Hoist Mechanical Overload Device
Gear is made of alloy steel with heat treat-ment for steady operation and less wearing and tearing. Fine-ground gear makes engage-ment precisely with less operation noisy.
BGV D8 Chain Hoist Gear Limit Switch
It can be handy adjusted to the required position, setting the chain travelling limits and offering the preventable method for hoist from over winding and damage.
BGV D8 Chain Hoist Electromagnectic Disk Brake
Electromagnetic disk brake will brake synchronously while the power is off, ensuring the operation safety while loading.

New feature on Rigpro chain hoist—rubber block with micro switch positioning—sets the limit of hoist movement easiest ever. Grab and slide the rubber block to set the travel limit; no bother opening up the chassis, and it’s totally tool-free! A brand-new way to run the DC hoist that you shouldn’t miss out. See how it works or visit for more details.


RigPro electric chain hoist is built for rigorous entertainment rigging environment. The range confirms to industrial FEM 2m/ISO M5 classification as well as BGV D8 for event rigging category. It features durable, reliable, quite operation, user friendly and less maintenance.


Rigpro offers a range of sophisticated controllers for direct control chain hoist, incorporating unique design for universal power input, sequence and phase monitoring, “go” link for synchronizing multi units and quick phase correction. All these outstanding features are crafted to cater to the needs in entertainment rigging.
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