Round Sling (Nylon Fiber Core)

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Product Code Description WLL Capacity
RS-005 5 chained round sling 0.5M length 2,000 kgs
RS-052 Black stage sling 0.5M length 2,000 kgs
RS-102 Black stage sling 1M length 2,000 kgs
RS-202 Black stage sling 2M length 2,000 kgs
RS-302 Black stage sling 3M length 2,000 kgs
RS-402 Black stage sling 4M length 2,000 kgs
RS-502 Black stage sling 5M length 2,000 kgs
- Visible two black lines stands for load capacity of 2,000kgs.
- Identification label clearly reveals the specification of this sling.
- Polyester cover with Nylon fiber core.

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RigPro polyester black stage sling is made according to ISO4878 DIN EN 1492-2, meets CE & GS safety regulation. It is an endless synthetic sling made from a skein of Nylon core yarn covered by an independent, woven polyester tubular jacket. These lightweight round slings are ideal for easy and inconspicuous suspension of stage sound and lighting equipment. Black sleeve material helps sling blend into its surroundings.


1. SLING- Lightweight reduces fatigue and strain on riggers.
2. Capacity stripes; each stripe is equal to 1 ton capacity.
3. Synthetic materials leaves hands free from cut injury.
4. Consistent matched lengths for better multiples sling load control.
5. No loss of strength from abrasion to cover.- Conforms to shape of load to grip securely.
6. Soft cover keeps load surface from scratch.
7. Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity).
8. Conforms to shape of load for less load damage.
9. Lightweight and pliable for easy rigging and storage.
10. Independent core yarns choke tightly, but release easily after use.
11. Sling lifespan can be extended by rotating bearing points.
12. Each stage sling comes with an identification tag and serial number for traceability.
13. Easy to carry and transportation.
14. Working temperature: -40 ℃ to +100 ℃.
15. Each stage sling is packed in plastic bag with CE declaration of conformity or test certificate.
16. Safety factor: 7 : 1
17. CE certified.

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